Construction Aggregate Materials

Hutcheson Sand & Gravel has built its business around the supply and delivery of aggregate materials.

Our philosophy is to Partner with contractors by offering them quality materials, production capability and experience (in understanding and meeting even the most demanding technical specifications in the industry), reliable service and affordable pricing.  Hutcheson can supply your aggregate needs whether your project is a municipal road job, a commercial building, a residence, cottage or simply a driveway or garden.

Road Construction Materials – Crushed stone products from quarried granite including Granular A, 5/8” Crusher Run, Granular B (Type II), 2” Crusher Run, Granite Screenings; Granular Road Bed Products including Granular B and Sand Fill.

Caisson (Ottawa Type) Sand – A uniformly graded, hard, rounded, natural sand with a specific gradation which is used for backfilling caissons around H – Piles in bridge construction.

Aggregates for Concrete –  19mm Clear Crushed Stone; 3/8” and 5/8” Clear Round Stone for ICF (Insulated Concrete Form); Concrete Sand.

Mortar Sand – A favourite with local masons and contractors.

Ballast Stone – Hutcheson quarries extensive hard rock reserves of metababbro, metadiorite, diabase and gneiss.  Ballast Stone conforms to physical requirements for CP Rail Specifications for Ballast and sizing meets Grading #4.

Drainage Stone – A full range of products for every Drainage Stone application from Washed Round Stone (3/8” Pea Stone, 5/8”, 1”, 1”-3”, 3”-5”) to Clear Crushed Stone (1”, 2”, 4” ).

Roofing Stone – Hutcheson’s Pea Gravel and 1” Washed Round Stone are preferred by contractors for commercial, flat roof construction.

Gabion Stone – 4”-6” Gabion used for erosion control, gabion baskets and dock cribs.

Termite Sand – An innovative, pesticide-free, coarse sand material for creating barriers around concrete foundations or under concrete slabs in urban environments suffering from termite infestations.

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