Landscape Materials

5/8″ Crusher Run Granite

Environmentally Friendly Landscaping – The increased public and regulatory awareness of the potential for environmental damage which can result from silt and clay run-off has created a requirement for clean, washed aggregates.  Hutcheson offers a range of special purpose, washed materials including:

  • Washed Beach Sand
  • Washed River Stone available in various sizes

Clay Trail SurfacingClay Trail Surfacing

Clay Brick – All brick products are produced from new recycled brick, baked, crushed and screened to varying gradations for numerous applications from groundcover to green roof applications. It is light weight, slightly porous as well as provide a good drainage medium.

Screened Topsoil – Premium and contractors grade screened topsoil and triple mix (a special blend of soil, compost and sand).

Black Granite –
Hutcheson’s Black Granite products, available in 1”, ¾”, ½” and ¼” chip as both clear stone and crusher runs, are admired for their dark mineral luster.

Boulders –
Hutcheson can supply a variety of naturally rounded boulders or broken quarry rocks.

Traction Sand and Bulk Highway Salt – Available for distribution to Contractors throughout Central Ontario (north of Barrie and south of North Bay) for winter road maintenance and ice control.

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