Waste Water Filter Media

Whitby Sand – A coarse drainage sand used in the construction of raised wastewater filter beds.

Sewage System Leaching Bed Materials – Use Hutcheson septic aggregates and build with confidence, knowing that your sewage system is built to last. The premium quality of Hutcheson septic sand, commonly called Whitby Sand (named for the municipality that first wrote the specification), is well known throughout Central Ontario. Hutcheson is also one of the few local suppliers of washed gravel Septic Stone that meets the revised wash requirements in the 2006 Ontario Building Code.

Phosphorous Retention Material – Townships and municipalities in Muskoka and Central Ontario are increasingly requiring private sewage systems proposed for environmentally sensitive locations to include a layer of material with a specified minimum phosphorous retention capability to prevent flows of phosphorous nutrients into neighboring lakes and rivers. Hutcheson has developed earth material capable of significant phosphorous absorption.

To review scientific papers on phosphorus retention capability of this earth material, contact Eugene Trusler at

Sand Filter Media for Recirculating or Intermittent Sand Filter Systems – Hutcheson can supply sand media that meets the demanding gradation requirements of most specialized or patented on-site wastewater treatment systems.

Bio-Filter Media – Hutcheson’s washed round stone has the acid resistance properties required for use in the construction of municipal sewage system bio-filters.