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Hutcheson Twitter Photo Contest

Do you follow us on Twitter? If not be sure to check out our page at @Hutchesonsand This summer we have a PHOTO CONTEST where you can submit unique+fun+interesting pictures to our twitter by tagging us (@Hutchesonsand) and be entered to win JAYS TICKETS.  If you are a business, winning also includes a feature on … Continue reading “Hutcheson Twitter Photo Contest”

Tips for Laying Topsoil

 Here is some advice you can’t ignore 1) Ensure the ground is clear from rocks and gravel before you lay your topsoil. This includes removing grass. 2) Using a rake and shovel, spread the topsoil across the area until it is about 4-6 inches thick. Be sure to measure! Having at least 6 inches is … Continue reading “Tips for Laying Topsoil”

Hutcheson Super Sacs!

BAGGED HUTCHESON PRODUCTS (DELIVERED PRICE) SUPER SAC 1.1 Cubic Yard (29.8 cu ft = 1cu. Yd) Super Sac Size: 35”w x 35”d x 42”h 705-789-4457 or 1-800-461-5521 1A. Elite Garden Mix – $139 – used in flower beds and gardens 1B. Top Soil – $129 – used on lawns and prepping for sod or seed … Continue reading “Hutcheson Super Sacs!”