Rootzone Material

Hutcheson Sand provides a full range of rootzone mixes. Our custom rootzones meet a variety of different requirements. Whether it is USGA, California or a modified version of these specifications, we have the expertise to produce.

Our custom mixes provide the following properties:

  • A uniform putting surface
  • Playability after rainfall
  • Non-compacting surface
  • Non-puddling
  • Maintain adequate moisture and nutrient reserves
  • Maintain uniform turf
  • Allow extensive root systems

Qualities of Hutcheson Rootzone Mixes:

  • Non-calcareous – chemically balanced
  • Sub angular to sub-rounded
  • Stability
  • Washed, classified
  • Slightly acidic pH
  • Superior quality control
  • Environmentally friendly

We invite you to contact us for sand samples and specifications