Topdressing Sands

Topdressing is the practice of spreading sand on greens, tees and fairways.

It has been a key part of golf course maintenance practices from the beginning and with so many benefits to the overall health of the turf our golf course superintendents value the topdressing maintenance program we provide.

Our collection of topdressing sands includes A Sand, B Sand, C Sand, R Sand, and S Sand.

The benefits of using a straight topdressing sand material in a regular maintenance program include:

  • Reduce thatch
  • Increase green speed
  • Smoother putting surface
  • Modify existing soil conditions
  • Dilute organic matter


  • Hard
  • Sterile

Washed, Classified

  • Minimal silt & clay
  • Consistent

Desirable pH

  • Slightly acidic

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