Playground Design

Hutcheson Playground Sand focuses on 6 key factors:

Maintenance – Virtually maintenance free, Stays level, even under swings and slides

Cleanliness – Washed to be free of silt, clay & organics Maintains a clean textured playing surface Drains quickly

Colour –
Playground Sand is a non-glare, light colour staying cooler in summer sun and is aesthetically pleasing

Stability – Its granite base ensures mechanical stability in adverse environmental conditions, maintaining CSA compliance and helping to prevent injury

Shape – Our Playground Sand resists compaction requiring no rototilling Consists of sub-angular grains of naturally weathered granite that won’t scratch the kids

Size – Screened to ensure uniform particle size and distribution

Hutcheson’s Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Compliant Granite Playground Sand is tested in accordance with ASTM F355, ASTM F1292, CAN/CSA Z614 specifications. Surface impact attenuation tests have been performed by independent consultants for ten years since initial installation. Hutcheson Granite Playground Sand has continued to meet or exceed the CSA standards in dry, wet or frozen environmental conditions, without requiring rototilling.

Our Playground Sand is an economic decision that municipalities and schools have made, even though the initial cost, at point of purchase, is more expensive than a sand product available from a local source. It should be noted that the cost benefit that is derived just from not having to perform regular rototilling maintenance throughout the lifetime of our protective safety surfacing, plays a critical role towards making this investment decision.

In the Playground Division we are always thinking of new ways to provide our customers with a better understanding of the unique physical properties of our product and the benefits of its use. One example of this product research is the use of a Standard Proctor Density Test – ASTM D698, Method A, to validate the compactability of the surfacing product. The independent lab test results confirmed that Hutchesons product was non-compacting and exhibited low shear or horizontal force resistance. Great news since kids who don’t always fall straight down.

Particle Shape and Properties

Hutcheson Playground Sand has the following physical properties:

  • Consists of sub-angular or sub-rounded grains
  • Is made from naturally weathered granite rock
  • Is not acquired from crushed rock nor does it contain any crushed particles
  • Is washed to be free of all organics and silt and clay contaminants
  • Has a pH of less than 7.0, is non-reactive to acid rain, non effervescent to 10% HCI
  • Has a percolation or water filtration rate greater than 30 inches per hour

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