Bunker Sands

With the increase in new golf course construction and renovations of existing golf courses, the demand for quality bunker sand has also increased. Architects, contractors, superintendents and golfers alike are requesting better bunker sands. The aesthetic impression such as color, playability, maintenance, drainage properties and stability on flashings are all values that attention is being paid to.

The features of Hutcheson bunker materials include:

  • Non-calcareous
  • Sub-angular to sub-rounded
  • Washed and classified/correct particle sizing
  • Minimal silt and clay
  • Good drainage properties/high infiltration rates
  • No crusting

We also distribute R.W. Sidley, the creators of:

  • Pro/Angle, the Original 100% Angular Sand
  • Natural 1600A Bunker Sand
  • Elite Blend

R.W. Sidley, Inc - Pro-Angle Sand

We invite you to contact us for sand samples and specifications