Our aggregate products are available in bags, totes and bulk delivery to your home, cottage or place of business.

Muskoka Natural 1/4″ Granite Chip

Used for pathways, driveways and precast, this product is aesthetically pleasing but will not compact. Not recommended for hills.

Muskoka Natural 1/2″ Granite Stone

A premium asphalt aggregate for surface course paving. This product is also popular for pathways and driveways, and it is often used as a decorative ground cover.

Muskoka Natural 1″ Granite Stone

Uses include as decorative stone in landscaping, drainage stone around basements and septic weepers. It is not recommended for driveways.

Muskoka Natural Granite Screenings

Manufactured sand produced from crushed granite. Packs well when suitably compacted and is an attractive surfacing material on pathways and driveways. It is also used under pavers or inter-locking brick. Not recommended for use on slopes where it can be washed away.

Muskoka Natural 3/8″ Stone

A small washed round stone used for pathways or driveways and as a decorative groundcover in landscaping. It does not compact and is sometimes used in playgrounds. Also used as a roofing stone.

Muskoka Natural 5/8″ Landscape Stone

A medium sized, washed round river stone used primarily as a drainage stone or as a decorative ground cover. Also suitable as a roofing stone.

Muskoka Natural 1″ Landscape Stone

A somewhat larger sized (3/4” to 1 1⁄4”) washed round river stone suitable for drainage stone applications and in septic beds. It is also popular as a decorative landscaping ground cover.

Too large to be used for pathways or driveways.

Muskoka Natural 1-3″ Landscape Stone

A washed round river stone used in landscaping applications as a decorative groundcover or in ponds.

Muskoka Natural Playground Sand

Our CSA compliant granite playground sand is the top choice for playgrounds both locally and across North America. It is an exceptional protective surfacing material created with the safety of children in mind. Our sand has continued to meet and exceed the CSA standards in dry, wet or frozen environmental conditions, without requiring rototilling. If you want the softest, cleanest, and safest sand on the market, this is your product.

Muskoka Natural Mortar Sand

This product is ideal for use to bind blocks, bricks or parging (a process used to enhance the look of a structure). It is a multi-purpose mortar that becomes hard after it has been set. It can also be used to fix or repoint masonry when the original mortar has been washed away. Additionally, mortar is very effective as a sealing agent when constructing a waterproof wall.

Muskoka Natural Traction Sand

Natural Traction Sand is hard, durable and it provides superior traction. On ice and in snow, it embeds itself for long lasting, reliable traction. Our sand truly makes the difference in the most challenging winter conditions, but it will work in any temperature (unlike salt and ice melters that fail to be effective when the temperature drops). Additionally, since our product is washed, cleaned and dried, it contains no fine sand, silt or clay and will not turn into mud. For this reason it is less likely to track indoors or cause a mess!