Industrial Materials

At Hutcheson Sand & Mixes quarry operations located in Huntsville, Ontario, we surface mine a deposit of natural granite sand that is sub-angular in shape, and is ideal for Industrial, commercial and residential surface preparation applications. Our silica-based sands also contain a percentage of aluminum oxide and iron, which produces a material that is naturally hard, dense and extremely effective for a wide variety of uses.

Hutcheson’s specializes in sizing material to suit the application required. If you job requires tight specifications on a size range, or a broad spectrum of granular size, we take pride in supplying the correct product in a package that makes the application of material both cost effective and simple. We package our materials to meet our customer needs. Sands, gravels, chip and soils can be packaged in a variety of bag sizes that give the user the flexibility in how materials can be applied to the site required.

Contact us and find out “what’s in the bag” that gives you the performance, appearance, productivity, and flexibility to get the job done cost effectively with the high quality results you and your customer demand.