Making the Difference for Your Home, Cottage or Business

We create innovative and exciting outdoor spaces for your home, cottage or business. Open to the residential, commercial and landscape contractors, we provide locally sourced and unique flagstone and granite products.

Environmentally Friendly Landscaping

The increased public and regulatory awareness of the potential for environmental damage – that can result from silt and clay run-off – has created a requirement for clean, washed aggregates. Hutcheson offers a range of special purpose, washed materials. Washed River Stone, Washed Crushed Granite and Washed Beach Sand available in various sizes.

Crushed Granite

Hutcheson’s Crushed Granite products are available in 1”, ¾”, ½” and ¼” chip as both clear stone and crusher runs. They are admired for their dark mineral luster.

Screened Topsoil

Premium and contractors grade screened topsoil and triple mix (a special blend of soil, compost and sand).


A protective ground cover to help maintain even soil temperatures, prevent erosion, enrich the soil and assist in weed control.

  • Natural Cedar
  • Natural Pine – Enhanced
  • Muskoka Mulch – Natural (Pine Mix)
  • Muskoka Mulch – Red (Pine Mix)
  • Muskoka Mulch – Black (Pine Mix)
  • Contractors Mulch

Beach Sand

Washed and classified tan coloured sand used to create a soft and clean surface. Low maintenance and blends in aesthetically with the surrounding landscape.

Washed River Stone

Hutcheson’s Washed River Stone is available in 3/8, 5/8, 1”, 1-3”, and 2-5”. Sizes above 6” are available but unwashed.


Hutcheson can supply a variety of naturally rounded boulders or broken quarry rocks.

Winter Safety

Available for distribution to contractors throughout Central Ontario (north of Barrie and south of North Bay) for winter road maintenance and ice control. Learn more and purchase online –