Mixes & Blends

Sand based sport fields offer several key advantages over natural soil based sport fields.

Sand based rootzones possess high water permeability characteristics, which allows for rapid surface and internal drainage. This allows for reduced wear in areas such as the goal mouth and center field. The low compaction tendency of the material assures that internal drainage qualities are not limited over time. Granite based sands provide excellent particle stability due to their hardiness and resistance to weathering and fracturing.


  • High water permeability
  • Low compaction characteristics
  • High sand particle stability
  • High surface firmness
  • Low pH

Sand Based Mixes & Blends

80/20; 70/30; 60/40; 60/20/20, 50/30/20

All are available with either humus peat or compost. Custom blends are also available.

Compost Benefits

Compost contains a full spectrum of nutrients, including micronutrients such as iron and manganese.

Soil Structure
Compost breaks up tightly bound particles in clay or silt soil, allowing roots to spread, water to drain and air to penetrate.

Beneficial Soil Life
Compost introduces and feeds diverse life in the soil, including bacteria, insects and worms, supporting plant growth. It suppresses diseases and harmful pests that overrun poor, lifeless soil.

Water Quality
Compost increases the ability of the soil to retain water and decreases runoff. It reduces the need for synthetic fertilizers and chemical pesticides.

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