Muskoka Natural Traction Sand

Hutcheson’s is pleased to announce that we have developed a Natural Traction Sand that provides superior traction on ice and in snow. Where safety is a concern, our sand truly makes the difference in the most challenging winter conditions. This toxic-free product provides instant traction during any snow or ice storms, including freezing rain. Additionally, since our product is washed, cleaned and dried, it contains no fine sand, silt or clay and will not turn into mud. For this reason it is less likely to track indoors or cause a mess! The traction sand is hard and durable. It embeds itself into ice and snow for long lasting, reliable traction. And finally, our traction sand will work in any temperature, unlike salt and ice melters that fail to be effective when the temperature drops. Here are 8 compelling benefits of Muskoka Natural Traction Sand:

  • All-natural product that is produced in an environmentally friendly manner and will not pollute water
  • After the Winter season it can easily be swept into garden beds or lawns with no harm to the natural environment
  • Compared to the competition, less is required to cover the same surface area and it’s easy to spread
  • Unlike salt and other various products, our product does not damage, or corrode concrete, brick or stone surfaces
  • Our traction sand is PH neutral and is pet safe.
  • Our product will not burn or damage your grass or plants
  • Our product will not cause rust in vehicles or metal landscaping elements
  • Our product will not track or stain clothing or carpets

Our product will not stain clothing or carpets and is less likely to track indoors.