Benefits of Topdressing Your Greens

May 15, 2014

Did you know…?

There are many reasons for topdressing your greens but a primary reason to use a high sand content green is to provide a compaction resistant and well-drained surface. This practice will help your green accommodate heavy traffic under a variety of climatic conditions.

The appropriate application of topdressing can also help eliminate thatch in the root zone. By diluting the thatch, sand can help to limit drainage and root growth. If you use the correct combination of core cultivation and topdressing, you will have better results with eliminating the the adverse effects of excessive organic matter in the root zone. Plus, removing the cores and replacing them with sand can help to remove thatch and modify the soil profile.

Obviously, topdressing with sand also provides a smoother putting surface. This will keep your golfers happy. Topdressing is great for filling in ball marks and other imperfections on your green.

Additionally, perhaps one of the most overlooked benefits of topdressing greens is the improvement of playing consistency on greens from an older course. Especially if that has been renovated and contains a mixture of greens built from a variety of construction materials.

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