Tokyo Summer Olympic Games VB Sand Update

July 20, 2020

As we now have passed through the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games original timeline, we can only wonder what will come of the rescheduled dates placed on July 24th 2021, the make-up date for next years Olympic Games. This is only time the Olympics have ever been postponed and due to the COVID-19 virus. Once cancelled in 1916 due to the 1st World War but never postponed.

We at Hutcheson Sand & Mixes still are committed to completing the rest of the sand install on the Main Court to fulfill the contractual agreement and complete the Tokyo 2020 Beach Volleyball Stadium. To date, we have installed 2,400 tonnes of the 3,000 tonnes of FIVB grade sand that we processed and imported into Tokyo from Vietnam 10 months earlier.

All of the planning, production and logistics for this Venue had been executed perfectly until the COVID-19 virus came into play, disrupting planning, thousands of lives, billions of dollars and years of training for the qualifying Athletes. Some of these athletes may or may not get another chance at the Olympic Games due to this virus and the ability to requalify, age, injury, and monetary support. So close and yet so far.

There is the other dilemma, all the travel arrangements, accommodations, ticketing and planning for both athletes and spectators that have also gone by the wayside and once again have to be re-planned and re-booked. Some of which, will never likely happen due to unforeseen reasons.

The one sure thing out of this Olympic construction project is that the Tokyo 2020/FIVB Sand that Hutcheson’s has overseen, produced and installed is ready for the Summer Olympics. Which Summer they will be played is unknown, but we do know the sand will not spoil and the quality will remain. The Sand Legacy will live on however, as from all previous games and allow future athletes to train for future games.