Bigwin Island Golf Club

July 27, 2017

Bigwin Island Golf Club was a very unique situation all around, especially with their decision to do a full 18 hole bunker renovation. The challenge for Hutcheson Sand was shipping 2800 tons of Pro Angle bunker sand out to the island to be stockpiled before the snow arrived. This began at the end of September 2016 with limited time before we would have to stop hauling due to freezing temperatures. Our other challenge was the truck size and its inability to fit on the barge. This resulted in having to stockpile the sand close by and reload smaller tri axle trucks which could fit onto the barge. It took us until the 3rd week of November but all the sand made it on the island ready for spring/summer installation.

Hutcheson would like to thank everyone at Bigwin Island Golf Club, KCM construction, R.W. Sidley (Pro Angle), Carrick design and all others who helped along the way. The transformation is OUTSTANDING!

(Hole 9, Bigwin Island)