FUN FACTS about Muskoka Natural Traction Sand

September 15, 2014

It’s fall here now and we can all sense that the cold weather is here to stay. On that note, it never hurts to be prepared! In case you haven’t heard, we have THE PRODUCT that is going to make your winter a little easier.

Here are a couple of fun facts about Muskoka Natural Traction Sand:

1) ORGANIC – We produce an all-natural product that is produced in an environmentally friendly manner and will not pollute water

2) PET SAFE – Our product is 100% PET SAFE! You never have to worry about your beloved animals ingesting anything harmful or hurting their paws on salted walkways. Unlike salt and other various products, our product is pH NEUTRAL and does not damage, or corrode concrete, brick or stone surfaces.

3) NO MESS – Our product will not track or stain clothing or carpets. After the winter season, it can be easily swept into garden beds or lawns with no harm to the natural environment.