Hutcheson Sand and Mixes at Nuit Blanche North

July 10, 2014

Get ready for the 4th Annual Nuit Blanche North! We are so excited to be a part of it this year!

A night time festival that showcases our talented artists and the tremendous amount of culture found in our little town. The streets will be filled with rhythm, percussion and dance in celebration of this event. Don’t miss it!

This year’s festival is inspired by the theme IMPACT. It is no secret that we supply the most impact resistant product out there when it comes to playground safety. Prepare for impact!

Hutcheson CSA Compliant Granite Playground Sand is an exceptional protective safety surfacing material created with the safety of children in mind.

Worldwide statistics indicate that 55%-75% of all playground injuries result from falls onto non-compliant compacted surfaces from adjacent play structures. The purpose of the protective safety surfacing is to reduce the number of injuries over-all and to protect children from life-threatening or debilitating injuries.

A study done by SickKids Hospital explains that granite sand surfaces substantially reduce the risk of arm fractures and other injuries caused by falls from playground equipment when compared with wood fiber surfaces. 

Keep an eye our for our CSA approved Playsand (the ONLY CSA approved Playsand) and see for yourself how soft it really is! 


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