August 11, 2014


RiverBend Golf Club located in London Ontario is designed by Doug Carrick.  The golf course is part of residential community created by Sifton Properties Ltd., for the over fifty’s crowd. Bordered by the Thames River and Kains Wood Environmentally Significant Area, RiverBend is a Certified Audubon Sanctuary and truly a unique golfing/ residential lifestyle community.

RiverBend has used Hutcheson B sand for a number of years. Our product has helped to stabilize the loose soil structure of their pure sand greens. Originally, our Dry Bagged Sand (which is another great option) was used for topdressing through dryject and graden sand injection.

In the past two years, RiverBend has switched over to bulk sand and have been more aggressive with core aeration and topdressing in order to help improve rooting and combat their thatch layer. They have been able to increase the volume of sand on their greens from 70 tonnes to over 200 tonnes annually! 

They also use Hutcheson B Sand to topdress their tees and approaches and Dry Green Sand for ball marks and course maintenance.

Kent Rimmer, of RiverBend Golf Club says, “Hutcheson continues to provide us with a consistent product and great service, allowing us to focus on doing the same for our membership.” We love you too, Kent.

Hutcheson really appreciates the relationship we have built with RiverBend and we look forward to a continued relationship for many years to come.

Below are pictures of Hutcheson B sand in action.

For more information on RiverBend Golf Community visit their website:



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