Do You Know About All The Benefits of Mulching?

May 14, 2014

Let’s Talk About Mulch, Baby

Mulch is very similar to the natural forest floor. It keeps the soil cool and moist during the summer months. This is ideal for conserving moisture and keeping the weeds out! Once the mulch breaks down, it increases soil porosity, nutrient content and overall plant health.


Natural Cedar:

  • Freshly ground White Cedar bark
  • Fibrous texture knits together
  • Strong cedar aroma
  • Long lasting, slow decomposition
  • Golden brown colour greys with age

Natural Pine:

  • Freshly ground pink bark
  • Uniform texture with great aroma
  • Reddish brown colour ages to dark
  • Low pH decomposing pine helps condition soil

Black Pine:

  • Processed from fresh pine bark
  • Composted for 1-2 years
  • Dark black natural, rich colour
  • pH and organic matter improves soil

Red Pine:

  • Colour enhanced freshly ground pine
  • All the benefits of Shredded Pine Mulch
  • Colourant is a natural iron oxide
  • Available in Natural Red

Brown Pine:

  • Aged pine bark
  • Brownish tan colour ages to dark
  • Economic softwood mulch

Did you know that if you’re building a garden CPM (Composted Pine Mulch) adds organic material into the soil immediately? Mulch is a just what your plants are waiting for this summer!

The best part is that we DELIVER 1.1 cubic yard bags of whatever landscaping material you are looking for! Right to your home or cottage.


Happy Mulching!

*Hutcheson is a proud Distributor of Gro-Bark certified mulches.