Rebuilding Our Industrial Bagging Plant After a Fire

June 15, 2020

On March 18 – the same day Doug Ford announced we were to exercise caution due to the COVID-19 pandemic – we received a call from our plant supervisor that our Bagging Plant was engulfed with flames. Our team rushed on site and watched in disbelief as the fire department directed our excavator to use its shovel to tear down the 30-foot plant doors. Smoke billowed out, and the department continued with their hose down.

We wondered, how could a metal structure housing bags of sand burn down? As the smoke settled, we realized everything had been lost, but thankfully no one was injured.

It’s been three months since that incident, and it’s hard to believe that the plant is back up and running, producing product more efficiently than we ever have. We have successfully converted the plant from diesel to propane, and we’re working hard to catch up on the orders our customers have been patiently waiting for.

With some adjustments – for example, our small bagging operation still requires new equipment – we are proud of the progress we’ve made. We want to recognize and thank Judson Mackan and his crew for their dedication and commitment to meet our customer needs. They have worked through a difficult situation and continue to persevere to keep things running smoothly, while completing the remaining cleanup tasks and replacements. Seeing their dedication makes us proud of the workforce we have in place, as well as the Industrial products we produce.

Most people know Hutcheson’s Sand & Mixes as a world class supplier of sporting materials used to enhance playing surfaces, but Hutcheson offers much more. The Industrial side of our sand products provide customers advantages in the science of sizing and granite solutions.

Our Bagging Plant produces Precambrian Granite, which offers customers an excellent blasting abrasive and is available in several gradations and bag sizes. Our Winter Traction Sands offer exceptional performance and environmental friendliness, and our Well Sands and Poultry Feed material are growing product lines adding to our diversity.

Our products are much like our people: solid, hard working, dependable, and each with their own skills and purpose. Together, under the Hutcheson name, you can count on getting the job done! From all of us at the Bagging Plant, stay safe!