Spring Reflections from Angelo

May 18, 2017

Wow, another season is upon us and I’m in a reflective kind of mood.

Hutcheson Sand & Mixes is in its 32nd year of providing sand and aggregate solutions to the sports turf industry and we’re off to a very good start this spring partly because of the weather and partly because a majority of the golf courses came out of the Winter without any significant damage.  The courses are looking good and the desire to start grooming them and providing good playing conditions for the members and the playing public translates into topdressing sand being ordered, bunker sand being brought in to “top things up” and let’s not forget the divot mix as these wonderful golfers are creating plenty of divots!

Much of the work in providing these quality products start with the production team at Hutcheson Sand.  I’d like to take a moment and give a big shout out to Rick Degans, JP Lefrancois, Charlene Poulin & Co. in making sure this happens on a daily basis through very often, challenges in weather and operational breakdowns.  A big thank you must also go out to our dispatching ladies that include the “lovely and talented” Pat Spratt who is in her 30th year with Hutcheson Sand and Tracy McCoppen. Without the two of them we’d all be standing around wondering, “Why are all these trucks lined up at the scale and where are they all going?”

The Hutcheson bagging plant and operation deserves a lot of credit also. They continue to provide dried bagged spec’d products to the sports turf industry in the form of infill materials and topdressing sand and they are always being asked to have it ready to go, now! Thank you Sheridan, Juddson, Lorne & Co.

Before I sign off on my first attempt at a blog, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our golf course customers for supporting us for these last 32 years.  Here’s to the next 32 and maybe more of Hutcheson Sand & Mixes providing innovative sand and aggregate solutions to the sports turf industry. Our sand definitely makes the difference!

– Angelo