Stamina in the Peoples Republic of China

August 16, 2017

Once again, Hutcheson Sand was summoned to the Peoples Republic of China for some upcoming Beach Volleyball Venues that required approved FIVB spec volleyball sand.

My task this time, is not only to assist in the procurement of sand in two different Provinces in China, but also to be able to keep up with the incredible hospitality demands of these wonderful people, having just torn my hamstring 3 weeks ago.

Let me be brief…

Fly from Toronto to Shanghai, twelve hours flight with a nine hour delay on arrival waiting to depart for Nanning in the south. A mere short two hour drive to Qinzhou from there.

A short sleep of three hours and then the meet and greet with the Dignitaries, the Mayor, minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Sport and Promoter of the Venues.

From there, site visits, sand inspection, testing, lunch, photos, dinner, entertainment and back to the hotel for a mere six hours sleep and then off to the Airport to fly to Xiamen, PRC, then drive to the City of Jinjiang.

Once again, whisked to the hotel, quick shower and a dinner reception with the Mayor, the Cities Construction Manager and Sport entourage.

Brief sleep, quick breakfast and off to the Venue on the Beach on the coast of Jinjiang. Sand inspection, testing and once again a few stops along the way to see the Dynasty that the people are so proud of.
Finally, a drive back to the Xiamen Airport for my flight to Toronto via Hong Kong and a fifteen hour flight home.

All this in 5 days in the name of quality sand and the Hutcheson Sand brand!

Ironically, my travel companions, i.e. driver, interpreter and promoter all of which are in there mid 20’s-30’s tell me that they are very tired and must now take 4-5 days off?!

As for the Hutcheson Sand team we seem to get older but our stamina keeps improving with each project!

Todd Knapton
VP Business Development
Hutcheson Sand & Mixes