Swinging Into Fall

October 1, 2018

Autumn has arrived. The leaves are changing colour, temperatures are cooling and finally, the turf covering golf courses and other landscapes has time to recover from a long, hot and humid Summer.

Fall is also a time when we get the opportunity to show our continued support for turf research in this province. Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of attending two outstanding golf events.


OVTRF Event at Ottawa Hunt Golf Club

To say that the venue at at the Ottawa Hunt Golf Club was in pristine condition is a slight understatement. The event included axe throwing, local beer tasting, shoot for a shot of fine scotch on one of the Par 3’s, and poutine sampling, and just before we went out on the golf course we were treated to a fabulous brunch in the clubhouse.

Eric Ruhs, a long time Canadian Golf Superintendents’ Association (CGSA) superintendent and fellow 85 A classmate, along with assistant Bobby Cooke and their turf team has manicured one of the best golf courses in the country and has been recognized as such. In case you didn’t know, it hosted the CP Women’s Open in 2017.

A huge thank you goes to the OVTA committee for organizing a fine event and raising some money for turf research in the Ottawa Valley.

Taylor Barnes Tournament at Lookout Point Golf Club

I also had the opportunity to play in the Taylor Barnes Tournament, a joint event hosted by the Western Ontario Golf Superintendents’ Association (WOGSA) and the Ontario Golf Superintendents’ Association (OGSA). Aldo Bortolon and his team should be commended, this Walter J. Travis signature golf course is a masterpiece.


Last but not least, some industry news that I’d like to mention. Jim McGarvey, long time superintendent at Seymour Golf Club and former CGSA president is retiring at the end of December. Congratulations Jim on an outstanding career as a superintendent and thank you for being a true professional and a friend. Enjoy your retirement!

Angelo Capannelli