Tips for Laying Topsoil

May 15, 2014

 Here is some advice you can’t ignore

1) Ensure the ground is clear from rocks and gravel before you lay your topsoil. This includes removing grass.

2) Using a rake and shovel, spread the topsoil across the area until it is about 4-6 inches thick. Be sure to measure! Having at least 6 inches is very important.

3) Using a tiller, set the blade as deep as possible and turn your topsoil making sure that it mixes with the underlying layers of soil cialis griechenland.

4) Using a rake, smooth everything out and make sure it is compact and even. If you can, it is best to hire a roller to roll your new topsoil.

5) WAIT a little while before you water your new topsoil.

6) Plant those seeds! Laying your topsoil like this will produce the highest yield for flowers and vegetables.

*PLUS Peat Moss is one of the best organic elements you can add to your garden and luckily our Top Soil has peat moss mixed in already! 

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