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Why Peat Moss is BETTER Than Compost!

Time to debunk some of the rumours about peat moss that have been circulating. This information was obtained from the North American Wetlands Conversation Council. Firstly, WHAT IS PEAT MOSS? Peat moss is the partially decomposed remains of formerly living sphagnum moss from bogs. Peat moss releases nutrients in your soil in time as the plants require. This … Continue reading “Why Peat Moss is BETTER Than Compost!”

Do You Know About All The Benefits of Mulching?

Let’s Talk About Mulch, Baby Mulch is very similar to the natural forest floor. It keeps the soil cool and moist during the summer months. This is ideal for conserving moisture and keeping the weeds out! Once the mulch breaks down, it increases soil porosity, nutrient content and overall plant health. AVAILABLE ORGANIC MULCHES Natural Cedar: Freshly ground … Continue reading “Do You Know About All The Benefits of Mulching?”