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Hutcheson Sponsors Local Music Festival

Hutcheson Sand and Mixes is a sponsor of MUSKOKA SOUND a local Three Day Music Festival taking place at Lion’s Lookout! As a local business, we think it is really important to stay involved in our wonderful community. If you’re thinking of visiting Huntsville there is always something going on. Fall is such a beautiful … Continue reading “Hutcheson Sponsors Local Music Festival”

Hutcheson Bunker Demo at Muskoka Lakes

It was a beautiful sunny day on August 25th 2014 for the Hutcheson Bunker Demo at the pristine Muskoka Lakes Golf Club.  This event was put together by course superintendent Jim Flett for the club’s members to participate and provide feedback on 4 different bunker sands placed in a practice bunker at the driving range.  … Continue reading “Hutcheson Bunker Demo at Muskoka Lakes”

Nuit Blanche North 2014 Recap

As a business in a small community, it is important for us to stay involved. Nuit Blanche North was a huge success and we had a blast. It was nice to see how many children enjoyed playing in our sand. Unfortunately, the playgrounds in Huntsville don’t have sandboxes at the moment. The theme of this year’s festival … Continue reading “Nuit Blanche North 2014 Recap”

Benefits of Topdressing Your Greens

Did you know…? There are many reasons for topdressing your greens but a primary reason to use a high sand content green is to provide a compaction resistant and well-drained surface. This practice will help your green accommodate heavy traffic under a variety of climatic conditions. The appropriate application of topdressing can also help eliminate … Continue reading “Benefits of Topdressing Your Greens”

Tips for Laying Topsoil

 Here is some advice you can’t ignore 1) Ensure the ground is clear from rocks and gravel before you lay your topsoil. This includes removing grass. 2) Using a rake and shovel, spread the topsoil across the area until it is about 4-6 inches thick. Be sure to measure! Having at least 6 inches is … Continue reading “Tips for Laying Topsoil”

Do You Know About All The Benefits of Mulching?

Let’s Talk About Mulch, Baby Mulch is very similar to the natural forest floor. It keeps the soil cool and moist during the summer months. This is ideal for conserving moisture and keeping the weeds out! Once the mulch breaks down, it increases soil porosity, nutrient content and overall plant health. AVAILABLE ORGANIC MULCHES Natural Cedar: Freshly ground … Continue reading “Do You Know About All The Benefits of Mulching?”